2020 - Alex will be performing a solo multimedia show around Los Angeles in a tribute to the 1980’s, this will be without Purposeful Porpoise but if you are interested in seeing some Missing Persons/Jan Hammer covers mixed in with original 80’s shred tunes to a video projection backdrop, keep up to date by following the instagram @Lipcora

November 22, 2018 -You can now support my efforts to keep the band and the music alive by donating to my Ko-fi page! : http://ko-fi.com/alexcora

April 8th 2017- Purposeful Porpoise is going to be playing at the world famous Baked Potato in Los Angeles CA. for the first time this Tuesday April 18th! 

We go on at 10:00 so get there early!

April 17th 2016 - Update time! Alex Cora will be performing around Los Angeles promoting The Water Games album with superstar duo Gary Jibilian and Jay Setar!

The trio will consist of guitar, NS Stick, and drums and will feature old and BRAND NEW material as well as special guests every other gig so make sure you come out to the shows if you live around Los Angeles! Cheers!

Out exclusively on GEP Records UK July 6th 2015!

Out exclusively on GEP Records UK July 6th 2015!

"Throughout the record, Cora makes the most of the virtuosity of Colaiuta, Fierabracci, Sherinian and Luke, who have ample time to solo and (tastefully) showcase their considerable chops. The entire album is loaded with passionate grooves that drive an almost outlandish level of virtuoso musicianship. Sonically, Purposeful Porpoise is unafraid to dig deep into the past, but remains firmly rooted in the present, while keeping their eye focused on the future." -- New Prog Relases click HERE for the full review.



New Review!

Click here for a review or our debut album on Power of metal!

UPDATE! MONDAY MARCH 23rd 2015 : Purposeful Porpoise is happy to announce that it will be working with GEP Records based in London England for the European release of "Purposeful Porpoise"! 

We are just finishing things up with revised artwork and a proper inner booklet along with some last minute promotional stuff before we have a set release date, but its looking like a late 2015 physical release.

Links to the album will be included in the "store" section of the website so be sure to check back to get your early copy.

We will have a special bonus gift to those who purchase the physical copy so check back around june-july to make sure you dont miss out! 

Cheers and as always : Mind the gap!

UPDATE! November 16, 2014 :

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well! Its been a while since ive had some time off and so i thought it would be appropriate to let you guys know what is going on in Porpoiseland.

Porpoise have begun to work with MUSO Entertainment based in LA on all things PR related and the marketing campaign is currently under way in the U.S. More word later on an exiting move into the EU! 

We are happy to say that the Porpoise will be playing its first live gig in a while this coming Friday the 21st of November at The Sayers Club in Hollywood. 

The lineup for this gig is very exciting with Thomas Lang on drums, Ginny Luke returning on violin, Chris Norton(Keys) and Pete Griffin(Bass) both from Zappa Plays Zappa!

We start rehearsals tomorrow at a top secret undisclosed location somewhere in the Nevada desert, and look forward to seeing all of you at the show, its going to be fun and we are going to have CDs for sale aswell.

Hopefully I will get on here more often but for now thats all, have a very happy Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year 


New Release section of Aug. 2014 UK Drummer Magazine

New Release section of Aug. 2014 UK Drummer Magazine


UPDATE 1/6/14 The Purposeful Porpoise debut digital album is out now! Available on iTunes and Amazon MP3!  Physical release coming soon!



UPDATE 5/9/14 : Purposeful Porpoise will be available to buy on iTunes and Amazon MP3 on June 1, 2014 

The physical copies will be made available soon and we also plan to make the full vinyl 

CD release show to be scheduled soon...



UPDATE 3/10/14 : Ok so a couple updates. Firstly the first single "Unexplored" has been released on the official Purposeful Porpoise Youtube channel so make sure you check it out and tell us what you think!  Also I decided to do a little series on the side called the "Porpoise Shreducational Series" where I will be recording and uploading both covers and original backing tracks for those instrumentally inclined folk to sink their teeth into some jamming at home, also free of charge, just make sure to subscribe to the official youtube channel which you can get to through the "Contact" section of this website, to keep up to date with the next 3 singles to be released (For Free!) and any other news having to do with the Porpoise. As you can guess by now, the mastering and mixing side of the album is done and all we are doing now is making plans for a CD release show sometime later in the year with everybody from the recording coming back to play together once again. I will have a limited run of actual physical CD's to sell at the show since we are not yet working with any label or distributor, however I do plan on selling as many as i can myself personally as long as i can maintain it. Thank you guys for your patience, we are all working hard to get all technical aspects of this launch to go as smoothly as possible and bring you the best presentation/product of what i believe to be some of our finest work, as always stay healthy and happy, see you guys very soon! - AC

UPDATE 2/14/2014 : "Hello everybody! Alex here! I have a couple updates for everyone, first :

The album ended up not fitting on one CD so we have had to turn the Purposeful Porpoise into a double album/CD, it was just too much music for one disc! 

Also, be sure to check out and subscribe to the Purposeful Porpoise Youtube page to get more updates to stay on top of whats going down in Porpoise world, I have announced through a recent video that we will be releasing the 4 singles on the album free of charge very soon! So keep an eye on that and you will be able to start listening to the record online!

Mastering has almost completed and the final product should be in my hands next week, if all goes well

Thats pretty much it I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy, I will be back on here soon, so stay in touch! Go to the "Contact" section of this site to get to the official Facebook and Youtube for the band! Cheers!" -AC

Purposeful Porpoise is coming out with its self-titled debut album which is set to tell the story of space faring adventurers from far far away in 3 parts.

Part 1 will be this self titled release, with the rest of the story to be finished in subsequent records.

The record will be half concept related material, and half non-concept tunes, with the story being written out on paper to be included with the purchase of the album 

As of 2013 Purposeful Porpoise welcomes Vinnie Colaiuta, Derek Sherinian, Ric Fierabracci, and Ginny Luke to the current lineup of musicians and fellow Porpoi.

The band with producer Gustavo Farias

The band with producer Gustavo Farias

The debut album was laid down live wednesday march 27 through friday march 29th at Ocean Studios in Burbank California.

We are currently in the mixing stages of the record and it should be out hopefully sometime 2014.

New material and new members is always an exiting time, but given the chemistry with this line up, it is something extra special, we are looking foward to bringing you The Purposeful Porpoise In all its live glory!


Interview by Eddie Moreno :

EM: What is it you want to accomplish with your music?

Test Shot1.jpg

AC: Im a fan of music first, a player second. Ive always loved how the bands that i love have taken me away from the mundane every day life into extraordinary other worlds, made me forget im on earth, provide excitement, and make me cry within the same record. The only thing i want to accomplish is to hopefully have the same impact on some young kid, years from now, if ever, thats my only goal really, to reach someone. If I've reached 1 person, dream come true.

EM: Who is your biggest influence?

AC: Thats a tough one im a huge melting pot of influence, anything from Miles Davis to St. Vincent, Sigur Ros to Iron Maiden, but i gotta say, probably the band that has had the most impact on me has been Genesis, im a songwriter more than anything, and they just completely blew me away with their 70s stuff. That being said, Jean Luc Ponty is my all time favorite musician. Tim Donahue(Fretless Guitar) and Minimum Vital have also made a huge impact on me, incredible writers.