Hi im Alex Cora! Over the course of the last 10 years I have developed and maintained a progressive rock band influenced by early Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson and Frank Zappa mixed in with a little bit of jazz . 

If i was gonna describe this project from an outsider's perspective, it's basically:  what would happen if The Beatles decided to go full prog-rock right after Sgt.Peppers and hired on Jeff Beck as their lead guitarist?

And so you have Purposeful Porpoise, a return to a more "classic" style of prog, the 72-78 era prog. 

I started this project back in 2006 with a couple friends from college who went along with my nutty ideas and have kept the band alive ever since by keeping it as a hobby while i work whatever dayjob i happen to hold at the time. 

over the years the lineup for porpoise has changed pretty much every year due to life in general.

people have to move to another town, or get a new job that has them relocate, or they have their own passion projects that they pursue and have to leave, and so i start the band over with new guys teaching them all the songs from scratch. 

it was never my intention to be the band leader and the whole point of the band having a name and not "The alex cora project" is

1. that sounds incredibly pompous to me

2. Purposeful Porpoise is supposed to be a full band, with each member collaborating and sharing song ideas and writing music together as a group.

my favorite bands have always been bands like led zeppelin or the beatles, where everyone contributed as a team, to create something larger than themselves

unfortunately i have never encountered anyone who wanted to compose with me and so i've essentially been relegated by circumstance to write all the material for the band and sing lead vocals. 

in the perfect world, i would have 3 or 4 other guys and i would be the rhythm guitar player and backup singer.

unfortunately the world is far from perfect, and so in Porpoise what u have essentially, is the rhythm guitar player/backup singer who is left alone in a band with no "original" members left, having to figure it all out himself.

quite a pickle huh? Im not a front man at all!

well it sure makes for an interesting situation at the very least, and so i've become rather decent at what i never intended to do in the first place, taking lead spotlight in the project, oh well what can you do, im still waiting for my band to show up!

in 2012 i had a chance encounter with a very high profile record producer although i didn't know it at the time. he asked me to send him a couple demos to see what i was working on and after listening to them he offered to help record a full album.

Gustavo Farias had never got the chance to work on classic progressive rock in his youth and saw this as a great opportunity to make a childhood dream come true.


so with gus's help we got ahold of some of the best musicians in la and recorded the music i had written at the time during 3 very intense days at ocean studios in burbank california.

I was 26, the album was recorded live and we played the songs from beginning to end, starting over if there was a mistake, just like all the bands that i had grown up loving had done.

i wasn't trying to be "hip" or "go against the grain" this is simply how i thought you were supposed to make a record, and so that's how we did it. 

the mixing and mastering took about a year and the rest is history

my good friend from Kyros in England Adam Warne recommended i reach out to Giant Electric Pea records in London to see what we could do to bring this passion project out to as many people as we could and so i did.

within a year the label decided we were a good fit and signed the album to a deal. 

The band continues on and is currently performing all new material as a trio in los angeles.


oh yea! I wrote a short sci-fi novel that is supposed to go along with the double album called "jeux d'eau" in full prog-concept tradition, with an audio book version with sound effects and narration and all that crazy stuff, which you can find on this website, just search for it in the menu and enjoy! 

the story itself took about 7 years to write and Elizabeth Lang helped fix it up a bit since im not a "real" writer and i tend to write things very dry and "matter of factly" 

the entire saga is done in my head from start to finish, all 3 parts, which would coincide with 3 albums, water games being the first of that trilogy, and the last 2 parts i have finished in my head, it's just a matter of putting pen to paper and writing it all down.

hope you enjoy what we have to offer and hope to see you out on the road soon!

If you would like to help me in my efforts to keep the music and the band alive please consider donating to my Ko-fi page