"Jeux d'eau"

The Purposeful Porpoise Concept :

In a distant galaxy, not too diffrent from our own, a race of beings called the "Nommo" live on their homeworld "Nommos" mostly an aquatic planet covered in water, these "dolphin" like bi-peds live happily in a highly advanced city that reaches from the surface of the ocean down near the planet core. 
The core, as is the case for many of the surrounding planets of that galaxy, is artificial , and relies on a complex arrangement of crystal "Gears" that help run the entire planets eco-system and orbit. as valuable as these cores may be to the inhabitants of their respective worlds, a reptilian being, known as Dralin , views the gears as a means to posses unlimited power and control over lesser developed societies , and so sets off to steal the Nommos Gears to construct a weapon of unmatched destructive power.

Taken by suprise the nommo are helpless as dralin makes away with the gears almost without a fight, their planet plunging into chaos and disorder. without the core gears, a planet will cease to rotate, and all ecosystems will die off, leaving the nommo with no choice but to mount a mission to recover the gears, in time before it is too late to save their world. 
Dralin makes his way to a world not much unlike Earth, with the major difference being that the entire planet has joined into one Mega-city called Beeboptropolis. a relatively advanced society resembling the art deco era  1930s Earth, with the addition of flying vehicles and skyscrapers that reach into the clouds. Dralin has infiltrated this world and has made himself a powerfull figure in all of its affairs, though covertly, and in hiding, to protect his identity, he is a puppet master of the city, no where, yet everywhere at once.

Those who do not live in the metropolis are known as the "wild" men, savages, remnants of the planets old ways, mystics, as far as the city dwellers are concerned , and live outside the barriers, in the forbidden land, deep in the forest. Akani, as they call themselves, are the last living link, to the world of the Nommo. centuries ago, in the time of their ancestors, the Akani had open relations with the Nommo, receiving information on agriculture, mathematics, philosophy, from what they believed, were gods from the heavens. it was professed that one day, in the future, the Nommo would return, in desperate need of their help, and that the time would come, to repay their heavenly friends from above, for all they had done.

The concepts story tells of how a Nommo team, arrives to the planet of Beebobtropolis/Akani and with the help of an Akani chief warrior, Kale', embarks on an epic quest to retrieve their homeworlds "Gears" from the malicious and power hungry Dralin.

On their adventure they are reluctantly joined by a daring and rebelious out-for-himself Airpirate "Ran Kez" at the command of a formidable flying airship,The "Bermuda" and the assistance of sibling brother-sister fighter pilot mercenaries Yan and Tan Desser. Will the nommo save their world? or will it be too late?

stay tuned to find out!

(Special Thanks to ZT Amplifiers for providing the ZT Club '12, which was used to record the album!)

The crew and their thoughts! Coming 2014......